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This is a sub-selection from Should have done some research first...

reply to ArizonaSteve

DirecTV uses Deceptive practices dealing with customers~!

Re: Should have done some research first...

The real issue here is that DirecTV "customer NO service" must be the worst customer NO service in ANY consumer business period.

I was a good customer, paid with autopay, and fulfilled my two year contract to the T. When I called to cancel it was an absolute nightmare, and was THE WORST customer NO service I have EVER dealt with in ANY business in my entire 30 years of dealing with customer service reps

Direct TV expects me to pay for a refund check that I never received. When I cancelled my service, Direct TV overbilled me by more than $500. I thought my credit card protected me by reversing the charge. When they did that, Direct TV claims to have issued a check for the overcharge. Now, I am supposed to repay them for this "error" even though I have never received this check. On Jan. 23, this check had not been cashed and I suggested that they stop payment. They claimed that they could not do that. The best they could do is reissue the check in 60 days, but in the meantime I should pay the amount that I "owe" them. Now, the check has supposedly been cashed and I can call in 10 days to find out the results of their research, but in the meantime, I should pay the bill they invented.
This is a sub-selection from Should have done some research first...