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Re: [Express] Usage Tracker Odd Behaviour

Well it's the end of another month and it happened again, but it's worse this time. This time there is at least a 2GB discrepancy. I really don't know what's going on and it's really frustrating me.

Are there any other reports of others finding discrepancies? Or am I the only one who keeps an eye on this stuff? I've been using the same setup for years and ever since Rogers implemented monthly bandwith limits, Smoothwall and Rogers were identical in their reports. It's just been the last 2-3 months were it's begun to go askew, always with Rogers overstating BW compared to Smoothwall.

If someone were flooding my IP from the outside, could that account for the extra bandwidth that's not travelling across my SW?

I'm just trying to find a reasonable explanation why the numbers don't add up. A 100MB discrepancy is understandable but 2GB? That's over 3% of my BW allowance, or practically 1 day'ss worth of BW gone!

Edit: An idea came to mind, two days ago I was experimenting with Windows Remote Assistance on two computers at home. I was trying out the Easy Connect feature, which uses Windows Peer-to-Peer network. I guess because both computers were on the same network behind the roger's modem, it was having a hard time connecting to each other. I could hear the hard drive on my smoothwall churning away constantly. I never took a look at the network activity lights but from the constant noise coming from the smoothwall hard drive, I guess it was busy being flooded or denying packets or something. The firewall is set to drop packets, so if this were the case, when packets are dropped, I guess it doesn't count that as bandwidth? The firewall seemed busy for hours, because I think I forgot to stop the connection attempts on one of the computers. So the firewall was busy for a couple of hours. Well, I'm going to have to just take this as a possible cause of the discrepancy and hope next month things will be right.