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Jan Janowski
Skokie, IL

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reply to ImpldConsent

Re: Oldest running MAIN PC?

Oldest is my editing machine. It started out life as:

Dual Quad Xeons, 4Gb Ram. XP PRO, Boot off Sata. Quadro FX 560 display, one CRT monitor, DVD/RW.... That's how I got it 'into the house' in 2004.

Is now:
Dual Quad Xeons, 24Gb Ram, W7-64, Boot off 15KRPM SCSI 320, 5 Sata Drives: 2TB Drive Raid 0, 2x 1TB Drives, 1x 128Gb SSD (Cache and Cache Database), DVD/RW, BD/RW, Firewire A/B, DV Transverter, USBV3 & 2x 500Gb Drives, Quadro fx 4800 Display, 2x 23" 16x9 Displays, Shuttle Pro V2 knob.

Old, Yes.... Still Kicking... DEFINATELY!!

EDIT!!! Just pulled out the USBV3 card, and replaced with a Matrox Camera Capture interface card!

Now I'm looking for a PCI-X slot USBV3 Card!
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