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Midlothian, VA
reply to Xakequri

Re: [Signals] 13dB Jump in Upstream Power Levels after Service R

My downstream levels are 37.64 to 37.94 dB. I also noticed that my event log is now showing a lot of errors just in the last hour. I am getting lost SYNC errors, Lost MMD Timeout errors, and No Ranging Response Received T3 timeout errors. I will wait and see what happens over the weekend and give it some time to settle down.

I am dreading the prospect of having to get service techs out to my house again. The last time they were totally unable to do anything and I had to battle with Comcast on the phone to no avail. Twice when I asked to be escalated to a manager, the overseas call rep. hung up on me. Another time my request for escalation got me transferred to the group that sells $30 per month premium support for my equipment. I just have had the absolute worst experience with Comcast telephone support. They have no clue about how to properly escalate a problem and keep track of its current status until resolved. I would say that for other than very simple problems, the telephone call reps. are useless. My only question is if this is the way Comcast designed it and wants it to be. As a customer it really pi$$es me off, and as a stockholder it doesn't make me very happy either.


Palmyra, VA
If your upstream signal remains at 50 in the next couple days and you continue to see errors and have service trouble post in the Comcast Direct forum.