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Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
reply to haroldo

Re: [iPhone] Do you think the iPhone is a good "value"

I'm weighing this out right now actually. For me, it's coming down to the iPhone 5 vs Samsung S3/4 vs Windows Phone (leaning toward the Nokia). I just upgraded to Windows 8, and to be honest, I like the new interface. It's fresh and functional, and I can see how it points to what computing will probably become over the next few years. Nothing is perfect... but Microsoft needed to make a bold move to stay relevant.. and a bold move they made. Time will tell on the relevance part.

I can't help but feel that Apple has lost its stride with innovation. The post-Jobs era has not been long in the making, and already Apple seems lost without its visionary leader.

In any case, I can get a VZ Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone for free. It's a tempting offer...