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reply to Geno71

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

said by Geno71:

You know it's a bit of an OT comment in my own thread but I have noticed everyone from customer service people to regular customers in places like this, routinely skip over the majority of details in every post then offer an opinion.

You guys are overlooking the fact that it does not cost Comcast one penny extra vs. last year or the year before to deliver my service. In fact because of capital costs being paid off in my area over time it probably costs them LESS than it used to maintain and deliver the facilities that make this service possible.

People need to expect more for their money over time and not stay silent. Simple as that. Otherwise you're going to be a generation of people who get screwed by everyone from insurance to internet.

Nothing I'm suggesting here is unreasonable.

In my area they have completed the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades and now I am getting 4 channels down and 2 up on a new Modem they provided on HSI. I am also getting more TV Channels today than I got in 1999 when I first had Comcast.

I do know the above costs money as well as wage increases and other cost of doing business items. Plus there are the increased carriage fees.

I was one of the first in my neighborhood to get the only Broadband available in 1999 from @Home, next taken over by ATTBI and then a bit later Comcast. I was thrilled to get 1.5M vs Dialup at 26.4k!

And I really do not see where you have offered any worthwhile suggestions or a plan to lower costs to subscribers.

And I have been around long enough to recall when I could get gas for $.249 per gallon [or put another way, a Quarter per gallon]. $4.00 to fill up my car at the time. I get the same, if not better Customer Service today than I got 30 years ago. I know how to get it. I have lots more experience and do not need to be whiny with the CSR's on the phone.

Have not run into any bait and switch. Just a couple of months ago added to my service and it was painless. Got what I wanted and more.

I could go with DSL, and others, but do not consider CenturyLink to be viable for me at this time. And since I need Broadband, I have made a choice.

Good luck with your next provider.