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Re: Installation issue & bell tech salesman... electronicbox

only one line is in use the other pair is free!

the second tech came today, and he goes to me laughing

" so the bell tech didn't show up"

I was like no he came... he goes " sure he came I can see the job he did" lol

He then goes " another ticket today, how many can i put in a week"


Oshawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
Chances are you need a new Drop and the Guy you got was to frigging lazy to do it. The Only time what he said would be true is if you home was fed by Encap wires, and you had 2 lines already and needed a third pair then, and only then would that be even close to right. cause you would need a new wire run from the Underground ped to your home. If its Pole fed though No reason a new aerial drop could not be strung.
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