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reply to Geno71

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

said by Geno71:

Hortnut: You may well be right about people in different regions getting different quality service. That seems to be the case (that the west coast customers claim a better experience), and it makes sense given there is more access to broadband providers out there / more choice. Comcast has to play ball and bill people ethically, not bait and switch on credits, etc. (Another thing no one has addressed because there is no excusing it...)

As for Google people, not sure what you mean. Either someone comes in here and reads the OP and tries to comprehend or they don't, instead skimming around and trying to offer solutions based on partial information about the problem.

I think I am seeing where the problem begins - many assumptions on your part.

There are not a lot of choices where I am. Lines down my street: there is Comcast and DSL through CenturyLink for me and most folks here. On the DSL, there may be other ISP's, but they run over CL's lines. I understand that is true in many areas throughout the country. [at turn of century did tech support for uswest for a couple of years, started when only 'live' city was Phoenix].

Do not understand the repetitive comments on bait and switch. Has never happened to me, nor have I read any comments from anyone else over the years complain about it here.

Sometimes the first bill is confusing with all the credits and billing into the next billing cycle. Or the same happens when service levels are changed with adds/deletions. Especially in the middle of a billing cycle. I just added services and the last bill, took a bit of studying to determine if all was correct. A little work on my part and my responsibility.

As to your OP, I have read it several times and just do not get it.

BTW - I do not work for Comcast, never have.

I have my own Business that has suffered through this recession. I produce a product that requires raw materials, and increases in oil prices has wreaked havoc, while there exists pressure to keep the sale price of my product at a certain level. So I do understand market processes and the ying and yang of things.