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Mars Hill, NC
reply to swintec

Re: Use phone tethering 24/7?

Just an update, I went to my US Cellular store about two weeks ago and got a phone to tether with. I got the cheapest 4g phone they had (Samsung Galaxy Axiom), and I am tethering via USB to my home built router (pfSense). It works really well with no issues. I restart everything and reconnect the phone every few days but so far no complaints.

It costs right at $100/mo to do this. You have to buy the cheapest voice plan they have, and add $60 for unlimited data with tethering. I am getting consistent speeds of over 20mbit down. I have used over 25gb of data in two weeks with no throttling.

You could tether this thing via hotspot mode to a cradlepoint router if you wanted to, and I don't think you would have any problems.

If you are willing to pay it, I would highly recommend it. The unlimited 4g is just a promo, so no telling when it will run out, but you get to keep it for two years. I'm hoping that by the time my contract is up there are some better options for internet where I live.


Mountain Grove, MO
Would you please tell me more about your "home built router"


Chicago, IL
^^^ Yes, please. I know pfsense, but haven't used it. Are you hard wired from the phone (microUSB) to a computer (or embedded device) (with standard USB) running pfsense? Dang; wish I'd read this a week ago. I was looking to fabricate some kind of 4G-to-router connection as an alternative to re-upping my AT&T Uverse Internet...

Maybe take the tech discussion to the appropriate networking/routing forum and give us a pointer to a write-up there?