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Jamaica, NY
reply to rawgerz

Re: Oil furnace ?

You might have clogged the filter can, or the strainer in the pump with sludge if it ran dry. The oil pump on the burner can't suck oil with vacuum, gravity must deliver it to the burner. You can take apart the pipe after the shut off valve near the burner, put a tray to catch the oil, open the valve, and it should tickle out (it won't be very pressurized and its thicker than water). If it doesn't you have a clog somewhere. If changing the filters doesn't help, you will have to CO2 blow out the fuel pipe. Google that.


A lot depends on whether it's a full loop (two pipe) system or a single-ended system. Single ended need to be primed to get working after running out, while full loop systems are self-priming. (Found that out when I ran out of oil in 1996. It took about 15 seconds, but the burner eventually fired and stayed on.)