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reply to koreyb

Re: CNOC speed matching decision due next week

said by koreyb:

I'm not discrediting your theory, but we has more "TECHNICALLY INCLINED" need to realise not all share this and just want things to work correctly without having to "FACTORY RESET" or play with it.

If Rogers configured their CMTS properly, the CMTS should automatically issue dynamic channel switch instructions to D2 modems to balance the load across available U/D QAMs on the node, no need to reset the modem for that.

If none of the QAMs have enough spare capacity to accommodate someone trying to use 15+Mbps on D2 then yeah, they are very much screwed.

The same thing that makes DOC3 great screws DOC2 big time: DOC3 allows much more efficient QAM filling and more tightly packed QAMs means less room to accommodate bursty DOC2 modems, which is why most cablecos are axing high-speed tiers on DOC2.

In short: DOC3 breaks DOC2.