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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to anon anon

Re: Big deal

said by anon anon :

Everyone and his mother knew that they wouldn't be free forever. It had been stated you get it for 2 years free then you pay $2 a month. So why get mad now? You had 2 years warning. It's kind of like a kid that acts up and the parent tells them if they do it again they'll get spanked and they act up again but are yet somehow totally shocked when they get their ass beat.

Yes they should be free forever because they cost less than $5 to make and comcast is purposely making it so your TV will not work with cable anymore without the box.
Comcast should be selling them outright for $5 to $10 for those that want extra.
This is why we need government intervention that does not allow them to rent, they must sell them outright and allow 3rd party competitors to sell devices that will work.
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.