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Queen Anne, MD
reply to mkshuman

Re: [Equipment] Canopy Hardware Questions. And Firmware too.

Canopy firmware is typically not buggy. I have firmware still on production links all the way back to 7.2.9 without issue.

That said, running the newest firmware certainly doesn't hurt.

Canopy really doesn't have any speed degradation in related to signal, noise, etc. It either works or doesn't.

There is a link test under tools. It is a good test to run these tests from the AP several times to the SM's in 10 second mode. You want to see link tests over 95% consistently. Less is an indicator of potential trouble links.

What do you need a manual for? Canopy gear is pretty straight forward. Document your settings. Unless you're doing something goofy like PPPoE you shouldn't need to change anything.

IIRC there are no major software revisions between v9 and v11 so that manual should be fairly accurate.

What was the application for a connectorized SM? They cannot be purchased from Motorola which means a third party modification. If there wasn't a good reason to do so, don't use another one.