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tee el cee

Colts Neck, NJ
reply to WhyADuck

Re: cheap provider for low usage & land line port

said by WhyADuck:

That said, the least expensive way to do this would be to do the trick of porting your landline number to a "throwaway" no-contract cell phone (such as you can get at Wally World) and then, once that port is completed, port the number from there to Google Voice.

Cute. I knew GV didn't port landlines (from landline providers?). I hadn't thought of this.

said by WhyADuck:

The only downside is that there are some exchanges (usually ones that are in rural areas served by small phone companies) that Google can't port a number from, so you run the risk of not being able to go the Google Voice port.

That's even after the port to a cell-phone? I guess it's all about the original exchange. But GV can port some original-land-lines from mobile providers? And I can't find out in advance, I have to try it?

Thank you