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Happy to be here
Oklahoma City, OK
reply to dellsweig

Re: $100 a year to USE MS Office - lol

Installed it. I agree Outlook is much improved. Excel has a lot of cool features. One is the ability to fill data from a list. Example You have 2000 rows of names in the Last, First format. You want to pull out the First name and put in a list.

Now you simply type the first name in a column, then when you begin to type the second name Excel will automatically fill the other 1999 rows of data. It works on addresses too.

Word you can convert PDF files to Word much better than before. In fact I have some PDF converters and 2013 does it better than them.

You can actually make movies in PowerPoint, that look professional. In fact Microsoft even made the What's New video in Power point. It too is much improved.

Access is finally to a point where a new person could at least make it work for them.

I haven't really dug in yet, but so far so good.

Last.... It didn't remove my 2010 Office and they work side by side with no problems. I'm impressed. First time I have ever been able to have two Outlooks on one PC. But 2013 is so much better I doubt I use the old one much.

They also have a Student edition that is $79.99 for a four (4) year lease for two PC's. That's a good deal. IMO anyway.

He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliot