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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable
reply to cdbma

Re: got me by the...

said by cdbma:

I have two analog TVs. I was thrilled when Comcast gave me two DAs for no charge. Well done...or so I thought. Now I'm being charged $2/month for each. If I ditch the DAs, I have to ditch the TVs (I tried a D/A adapter and a DTV antenna - not great). So, I can send a message by returning, but then I'd have to get new DTVs, which would require two STBs - at additional cost.

I'm hosed!

I like the idea of taking them back and seeing if they blink.

I replaced an old 30 inch tube Tv with a LCD and I swear my electric bill went noticeably down. My 30 inch was from 94 something like that low end model and I think I actually saved enough money by now on electricity to pay for the TV.


Jamaica, NY
Can't watch it from the side. No thanks, I'll stick with my tube HDTV.

Greenville, TX
Nonsense. We have numerous LCD TV's, LED TV's, and I recently bought a new Plasma.

Best viewing angle is the LED - Plasma 2nd, LCD third. However, the LCD is fine, you only have issues when the TV is not parallel to your viewing angle. Side viewing is fine.