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Re: AZ- DNS Servers Down?

Up and down and up and down and up and down all night in NE Phoenix.

Now I'm on the phone with "support" who denies seeing a modem on my account even though I'm seeing a tiny little sliver of "up" at the moment. Doesn't matter which DNS I use if the modem is losing sync with the network and not coming back online. It's a Cisco DPQ3212 EMTA... have temporarily taken a phone line to do SOMETHING about reducing the gigantic bill for TV and internet.

I expect I will lose service completely during the call, the serial number of the device has been requested. "It's odd, you say you have internet but I have no modem listed on your account." This will not end well...

And it went downhill from there. While I was on hold I lost connectivity. "There is no internet modem on your account. I can fill out a form with your serial number or you can take the modem to a cox store." No dial tone on the phone line anymore either. Awesome support, leaving me worse off than I started!

As for my intermittent connectivity? "The modem was maybe picking that up via wifi."

It's magic.

She can fill out the form, whatever. Since the call my modem has now gone into a cycle of try to synch, then give up completely, try to synch... whatever. It's outta here on Saturday. Bye, COX.

I'll definitely be heading to the cox store on Saturday - with the EMTA, 3 cable cards and 3 tuning adapters. $160 per month for this garbage service and it ends here. Life will go on without cable.

CenturyLink has had a brand-new DSLAM a few hundred feet from my front door for the last year. Just ordered 40/20 service. And I know I'm trading one set of problems for perhaps a different set of problems.