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West Warwick, RI
reply to swingtrader

Re: AZ- DNS Servers Down?

I think the complication comes from the fact that its was a two fault problem. This is just my opinion of what happened based on reading this and a couple other threads.

First a new firmware was released for the WNDR3700v1. Since they update firmware automatically by default, the firmware bug in that release effected all routers of that type simultaneously.

This caused two problems. A, each WNDR3700v1 was unable to query DNS, causing many with that router to be unable to get online. B, that same bug caused each router to have issues with the automatic time update features of those routers to send useless "trash" traffic to the DNS servers they got through DHCP. This caused those DNS servers to slow down or stop functioning all together. Its possible other DNS servers are set to drop any incoming "trash" traffic of that type.

Not everyone with a WNDR3700v1 was effected by problem A. Some disabled the firmware auto update. But everyone in the area using the standard DNS was effected, no matter what router. To stop the outbound traffic, disabling the time feature and rebooting the router worked. Changing the DNS if you had the WNDR3700v1 is a temp fix, but I feel that's just pushing the problem onto another DNS. But it was the main fix for people with other routers but still effected.

Probably what Cox eventually did was block that traffic until they could set the DNS servers to ignore it. Then hopefully each WNDR3700v1 will automatically patch itself when Netgear pushes the now beta firmware as a public release.