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What a joke this service is. I can't wait till the day my contract ends, at which point I will rip the freakin satellite off my house and set it on fire with a Youtube recording for the viewing pleasure of the Hughes Net people. Downloads are slow, and you have "unlimited downloads" only from 11pm-4am. If you watch two 5 minute videos at any other time, and you essentially get punished for using too much download space. If you get "frapped", you have to buy tokens to restore your download, or wait 24 hours for it to restore. If you are super conservative and never actually enjoy your internet, you get a "free" token a month to use in case of getting frapped. If you happen to mysteriously get frapped one morning, you have to call an outsourced hotline at which point you will speak with someone thats somewhere in South Asia. They will inevitably tell you that you exceeded your download allowance, despite the fact you specifically made sure to use high traffic applications like Youtube during the 11pm-4am time period. When you ask for a specific date and time at which your system overloaded, you will be promptly hassled and not given an answer to your question besides "sometime between 10-11pm". You will haggle with the service agent until they get in trouble for taking 5 minutes on an individual call and you will finally get your download back. And you pay $80 minimum for this overwhelming joy of an internet service! If you can, buy a cable bundle and forget you even thought about Hughes Net at all.