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Re: Secure Logon extension?

I did away with Secure Logon a while back. There was a long dry spell between updates and it was starting to fail on some site it previously worked on. I emailed the apparently new maintainers Abine, Inc. and received this response:
Hello Chris,

Sadly we no longer provide support for these products. At this point the best I can do is direct you to these two pages for support:
If you have any further questions or comments or need additional assistance, please feel free to email us back at (


I see there was an update on November 25, 2012, that response was November 29, 2012. (shrug)

The Secure Logon Add-ons page is basically an advertisement for DoNotTrackMe. (My opinion)

That doesn't answer your question though.

You can try a JavaScript applet that clears a couple of settings the prevent your log-ins from being saved. It does not work on some sites. This is what I use.
Create a bookmark called Remember Password (or what ever you like), then paste that code in to the Location block of the bookmark. When you are on a site that does not save your password, open your Bookmarks and select Remember Password, then try logging in again and see if it prompt to save. Like I said it does not alway work.

Another option is to install Saved Password Editor ( This extension lets you add new logins and edit existing ones. Pretty handy.

Then there is QuickPasswords ( I am using this instead of Secure Logons, as I don't have much faith in Abine, Inc.

I really don't miss Secure Logon that much.

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