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Re: Just bought a home- what does this wiring mean?

Best option is to run the modem and your existing WiFi router inside the cabinet.

- The output of the modem is connected to the input of the Router. You'll have WiFi through most of the area surrounding the cabinet. (basement/main floor)

- Connect the outputs of your router to the CAT5 Data block that's there in the panel. Each port may or may not be labelled with the room name (i.e. Master Bed, Lvg Rm, etc), so you may have to do some detective work by hooking up a line, then connecting to a laptop to see if there's a connection.

- The rooms that you connect will have a hardwired connection.

- In a room that is centrally located to the areas that you'll be using Wifi - say on the main or upper floor, hook up a Wireless Access Point ( often referred to as a Wireless A.P.) to the hardwired connection.

- You can purchase one at a reasonable price at for about $50.00.

- The AP will run in "Repeater Mode", which creates a seamless extension of your WiFi network. This should give you plenty of coverage depending on the size and construction methods of your home.

- Things like in-floor radiant heat, cement, steel paneling and microwaves/interference can seriously degrade the WiFi signal. Distance is the enemy as well. 50Mbs hardwired to the router might equal on WiFi: 35Mbs fifteen feet away and 7Mbs upstairs.
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