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Re: Big deal

said by anon anon :

Everyone and his mother knew that they wouldn't be free forever. It had been stated you get it for 2 years free then you pay $2 a month. So why get mad now? You had 2 years warning. It's kind of like a kid that acts up and the parent tells them if they do it again they'll get spanked and they act up again but are yet somehow totally shocked when they get their ass beat.

Yeah BF69,
Just like the modems Charter hands out are free, for now, but you and I know we WILL be paying for them eventually, if it isn't already hidden in the bills total. I don't know that fact for sure as I still have my own modem!

This Comcast trick is nothing new though. All cable company's are nothing but back stabbing, greedy as heck corporations!
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I guess then that I am the only other Comcast customer to be aware of this?

In my apartment complex, when the switch was being made, Comcast came out and gave us the DTAs. We were clearly told that this was free for the next two years, but that there would be a nominal monthly charge down the road.

I have no issue about anyone who decides that this charge makes Comcast service to expensive to keep...everybody has the right to vote with their wallets...but IMHO, it is a bit silly to ascribe some terrible/evil intent on Comcast's part.

I don't really care where the extra $4.00 amonth comes from (Would it be any better if it was a television service for space aliens fee?). I am only concerned about whether my total bill is acceptable to my enjoyment/usage versus cost or not, and how it compares to alternative sources price wise.
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