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TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
reply to InvalidError

Re: CNOC speed matching decision due next week

said by InvalidError:

said by TSI Marc:

Sorry, that's not true. We had our speeds upgraded twice if I recall correctly since the 703/704 decisions. We fully expected that the speeds we had.. Would get upgraded the same way as they had always been.

The newest set of "upgrades" were technically/officially introduced as new tiers rather than upgrades - gotta love loopholes. The 703/704 decisions did agree that Rogers had no obligation to offer new tiers under non-aggregated and the CRTC's latest decision simply echoed that.

Yeah... I suppose also though, the speeds we started at and would end up at we're actually far apart... I didn't think we would still be dealing with speed matching issues regardless though, that possibility seemed very foreign to me given how arduous a task it was to finally get to the bottom of that in the 703/704... Like more than half a decade...

The reality is that we do have speed matching.. As soon as we migrate, everybody gets the higher speeds. So in any case it's a temporary type of decision.

said by InvalidError:

Considering what happened to TSI last time Rogers bumped speeds by 30-50%, I would view the lack of new-tier speed matching on non-agg as a blessing in disguise since I doubt TSI's Rogers-TPIA subscribers would have enjoyed chronic peak-hours congestion for the next several months.

Well, sort of.. The thing is that without knowing if this decision was going to pass or not.. We didn't know where to throw ourselves... Focusing on Aggregated amounted to yet another added problem since we couldn't take our eye off the existing stuff which was very onerous... Just like we didn't know they were going to do three major speed upgrades in one year... When you're planning is already difficult due to the growth.. And you add in those factors... When we're already ordering links by the multiple dozen... It's been the equivalent to changing a transmission on a moving vehicle. Then add in everything else like copyright stuff..

Had it have passed, we would surely have had to work with Rogers to figure out when we might have enough capacity to light the new speeds up... Both them and us would have continued to invest in the legacy TPIA infrastructure, we likely would have had to order an extra 20gig links just to accommodate those upgrade... and it might have negatively affected existing users until those were in. And, ordering an extra 20 gig links ahead of time without knowing this decision didn't make any sense either, we were in a pickle... Which, makes Rogers request to not give the upgrade until we migrate reasonable in the end I think and it also makes the CRTCs decision to approve it.. reasonable. And we get some additional clarity on speeds to boot. ...and in the end everybody still gets the speed upgrades anyway.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy


Ottawa, ON
TSI Marc you're awesome.

And here's hoping Ottawa is first