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Edgewater, FL
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reply to koitsu

Re: Identify this RAM... and some components..

said by koitsu:

Are the two silver ports at the bottom of the board USB ports? It's hard for me to tell. If so, that makes me wonder where the USB controller is, unless it's part of the SOC. It could be on the opposite side of the PCB too. If they aren't USB ports, okay!

Hope this helps.

Not USB... but I wish the device had it sometimes! They are actually RS-232 ports. We normally use them to get into the "Serial Shell" to reset or reflash the device if needed.

The Echelon stuff is for LONworks. It is a communications platform for HVAC and control systems.

I was going to bring my digital from the house and take pictures with it (it is a 10MP camera with a better lens), but the battery was dead and I couldn't find the damn charger. Maybe Monday if anyone is interested...

Also, I can shoot some of the other stuff we use.... if interested..
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