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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to lutful

Re: Can't locate main water shut-off valve

said by lutful:

*** Found official info. Water meter is supposed to be on the front wall of basement which includes that corner enclosure. But the recently installed radio transmitter is obviously outside since nobody came into the house.

The have a "remote reader" installed on the outside of your house. A remote reader is attached electronically to your indoor meter. This allows the water utility to install/repair/replace your transmitter as needed. The down side to this type of installation is that it's dependent on the connection to the meter to work. My parents had a basic non-RF remote reader (looked like an odometer) that didn't work accurately for 2 years before the water company sent a letter asking if the home was occupied. The actual meter indoors still was operating, but the connection was bad resulting in severely underreporting water consumption for those 2 years when the reader read the remote unit.

The other style of meter for RF reporting has the transmitter at the meter itself. It has a long-life battery (10+ years IIRC). It can easily be read by a passing vehicle collecting usage data and no chance of the unit having a bad connection not reporting data. However it required someone to be home for about a 1/2 hour to replace the old meter and install the new one. Plus someone to stop by once a decade to replace the battery. But that's still better then someone stopping by once a month like they use to for houses that didn't have a remote reader installed.