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Re: Racing games?

I have a few.. One really amazingly fun old one would be "nascar rumble" i believe its still only on PS1 and PS2 however but still a great/wonderful race game. Found some racers on pc later on thats called GRID and it seemed pretty cool, handles real well, GFX are awesome but you must understand that your only racing your class in each and every race, if you choose to race the others then you will have to race them as well in other races. Never did play the MP though due to my satellite connection.

Another one would be called driver, San Fransisco.. The game is cool but you only got a short time to do your missions and some missions i found tough but in the end it was alright but I think I recommend purchasing at cheapest.

If your looking for a great online little racing game then i recommend trackmania 2 canyon, a friend just so happened and was willing to buy me a key for me.. We were really hoping that satellite would work and such and it does but constantly looses connection but still the game is great. My friend and myself must of made 100's of maps (and still do) by now, there were some that were normal racing kinds then there were some that were PF (press forward) and what you have to do in these is just hold down on accelerate key and sit back and watch the fun as your car goes flying, flinging, and doing flips all over the map and some how manages to still stay on track. There's a different type we do as well and we call them "RPG" maps, its where you do stunts, go super fast into the air, all kinds of stuff. The maps are so easy to make that even a baby can make one for himself. But the game is amazingly fun. One other thing, you can make your map as big as you want it but there is a limit but the limit contains a bunch of square feet still, for all the fun.

Shift 2 is another pc game I got but its just gathering dust on my shelf, its been uninstalled for awhile but I don't think it got to me if i remember right. Forza 2 (another console game just like nascar rumble) was another outstanding racer, best racer i ever played and in a way it out beats all my others including TM2.. Microsoft only has Forza on 360 and mine apparently blew up and for that I leave xbox and all that alone, they can cheat there other customers, not me. I have a friend who has put maybe a little over $500 into his console and its still breaking down, last time i heard it broke down on him 4 times.