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Matawan, NJ

[OOL] In 07747 58mbps down, almost zero up

This happens to me on occasion, started last night around 8pm. Usually resolves by morning. Still a problem so I called and of course they are unable to diagnose and immediately want to set up an appointment. I took the appointment for tomorrow with the strong hope that it will self correct by later today. Anyone else with issues in the area? And why is ool so quick to send a tech to my house? Seems like a poor use of resources. I'd like to think they could do better diagnostics.


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
They don't see an issue, so what would you like the customer service rep to do? If there were additional calls in the area an outage would be declared. I'm assuming you are seeing these drops on a wired connection direct to the modem. You have reached the end of troubleshooting possible on the phone, so they will need to have someone on-site troubleshoot everything with the modem to the connection at the pole.


Matawan, NJ
reply to kingsx
So I returned home from work and as expected, my upload has returned to approx 8 mbps. So clearly there was a network issue. I guess I'm saying its a shame that they are unable to detect this type of problem. Doesn't happen often (maybe 3-4 times a year), and overall my service is excellent. Its just frustrating when it does happen, and there's nothing customer support can do.

There's no shortage
Sty in Sky
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I went through this.
First, they replaced the line from the street to the house.
That solved it - but in about 6 months the same behavior returned.
The tech came out, I made sure I was home to walk him through everything that was done. It doesn't hurt to show him DSLReports monitor results - or smokeping results - or both for a period when the issue has been occurring. He checked the signal at the modem drop, again at the inside house entry point, outside the house entry point, and again at the street. Everything looked fine.
At this point he put in an outside plant ticket - and it turned out that somewhere between me and the neighborhood "feed", someone had an issue.
They fixed that, and since then I've had zero problems (other than an occasional wonky Linksys Router.....but I know how to fix that).

You have to be persistent (pleasant, too) - let them know your frustration. Eventually they will expand the scope of their "issue search" beyond your home - and eventually they'll find the problem.
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