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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to excelx

Re: [TWC] Time warner cable and Motorola Surfboard 6141

I agree with everyone else that it should be free. I know policies are different depending on where you are, but I personally have never heard of TWC charging someone for this kind of issue.

It is really in their best interest to replace old out of spec cables and connectors. Depending on the situation, bad cables and connectors can cause signal ingress leading to difficult to troubleshoot problems for you and other even subscribers. Not saying that this is happening... but it can.

When they see those signals, I suspect they will immediately send a tech no questions asked. Most modems spec the operating range as -15dBmV to +15dBmV, and most cable operators list their acceptable range as -10dBmV to +10dBmV (this is done to improve reliability - it is not good to run right at the low or high side of the spec for a few reasons, one of them being that the signal can change slightly throughout the day, leading to intermittent service loss when it goes too far out of spec).