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Lets go Gators
Gainesville, FL

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reply to BKayrac

Re: Path of Exile

Thanks for the heads up on this game. Started playing yesterday and this game is great! They've definitely taken the diablo style to the next level!

So I started a witch and I think I'm going to try a fire/ice, heavy crit, elemental curse build. I just started contemplating my passives direction recently so still a work in progress. I'm level 18 now and am holding off on spending more points until I get a better grasp on my direction.

I was reading through their forums looking for info. One guy advises not to build the passive tree over 80/90 points as the higher levels take an insane amount of time to level to.

Don't forget either : everytime you die, you lose 15% of your current level.
As well, just looking at the ladder, going from lvl 81 to 82 takes 100+ Million Xps (a bit more than 2 x the full route from 1 to 50)... just to gain 1 lvl. (and 20 more to go until lvl 100, all of them with more Xp needed than the previous one)
There is a very good reason why most of the very experienced players (not counting myself in those) are regularly advicing people on the forum to NEVER use the full 111 points for their talent trees. It's cause it just won't happen.

This is what I was playing with this morning, the above said I'm going to have to do some editing to it.

edit: new tree »www.pathofexile.com/passive-skil···nRbzJjw=