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Glendale, AZ
reply to swingtrader

Re: AZ- DNS Servers Down?

"a two fault problem"

Or more. The issue with a few modems brought some other issue to light, which impacted something else, etc.

Its a system, not single variable entity. Those little dolls for whom you squeeze their feet and their eyes pop out, that's a "system".

I have business Cox as I work from home. Its not connected through Cox via 2 completely different systems. The splitter is in my house and I have 2 modems. Yes at some point it routes to my work server. Not sure exactly where but it isn't across the street. The eventual split has to be upstream a bit.

If the Cox system was overwhelmed due to traffic from some bogus firmware it is odd that my business connection has shown absolutely no impact IF their explanation is accurate. Glad my business line is fine.

Maybe now at least Cox will address their DNS server issues that we've all, well many of us, have dealt with for some time. For some that issue has been intermittent for others they've permanently taken the Cox DNS servers out of the picture.

In my work we have learned to be honest with folks. While it isn't always pleasant we at least don't lose our client's respect by treating them like their stupid and we earn their trust not by being perfect but by demonstrating integrity by being transparent.

Sad that Cox doesn't seem to operate that way.

West Warwick, RI
Not odd at all that your Cox Business wasn't effected. Probably use different DNS. Did you check?

And what do you think the reason is?