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Let's Go Orange
Syracuse, NY
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reply to kingdome74

Re: Best Solution For Angry Wife

I thought of asking about Sandboxie yesterday but I promptly forgot about it. I use it on my computers but I thought it might be a bridge too far for her. Actually considering all she does is surf the web, go to facebook (I've thought about blocking in my router and claim there something wrong with facebook but I couldn't get away with that forever), and play Pogo. I can probably load Sanboxie on her laptop, change the icon to Firefox on her desktop and she'd never know the difference.

Thanks for reminding me!

BTW - this is Wife 0.1 going back before computers were thought of in homes. There will never be a Wife 2.0... once is enough
Sigh, we played stall ball and got beat for it. Why in the name of all that's b-ball doesn't Boeheim understand that. He may have 900 wins but he'd have a hell of a lot more if he'd ditch that strategy because it never works.