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Oc'D To Rhythm And Police
Tempe, AZ
reply to danawhitaker

Re: Thinking of adding a 3DS to my collection also

said by danawhitaker:

Regarding the WiFi security - it's game-dependent? All I did was apply settings in the main options. I never have had to do anything in individual games for anything, but I was thinking mainly about just getting the 3DS online and downloading system updates more than anything when responding.

The original DS couldn't support anything more than WEP for WiFi security.

The DSi was the first to finally update the WiFi hardware to support newer protocols, but if the games weren't compiled to be 'aware' of the added hardware that a DSi would have, it wouldn't be allowed to use it.

Of course the trick is then keeping aware of which such games are "aware" and able to use newer security, if you're playing those original DS titles. This obviously isn't a problem if you're playing 3DS games.
Because, f*ck Sony