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reply to Scooter30

Re: Where to find internet prices?

You know guys I just had a Mediacom CS argue with me about the price. You know how you can sign in to your Mediacom account and then there are tabs you can click on for Internet etc.....
Well when you do that you will see prices....click on it... it will ask for your address and if you are a NEW customer or CURRENT customer. I put current of course.
It then shows me the different tiers and prices listed. I saw the 50gb package Ultra at 39.95 for the first year. OK so I went into the terms and restrictions and the first sentence was bold and said: This limited time offer for select Mediacom Digital customers adding Online service may be revoked at any time.

Of course I am adding an online service......It doesn't say its ONLY for NEW subscribers. The whole sentence talks about being REVOKED, not about if your eligible or not. Remember MEDIACOM I did choose CURRENT customer when being asked the questions before I got to this package..........

So I asked the gal since she was telling me its for NEW customers to speak to her supervisor or a manager. I was put on hold and then within 1 minute put into a voice mail system to leave a message. NO one called me back.

Mediacom obviously could word this WAY different so as to NOT upset customers who would like to try the service and are thinking they can as they did take the time to read the restrictions!!!!!!!!

No wonder customers get upset.


Charleston, IL
Lack of punctuation and word games. I went through the same thing a few days ago.

Who decides what "Select Mediacom Digital customers" are? They pulled a stunt like this before when I was looking to upgrade awhile back. Tried to deny over the phone what their website said, I told them go look, I'm reading it right now.

After being put on hold for awhile they come back and say... "Sir, I'm sorry someone made a mistake and we'll be fixing the mistake."

2 weeks later, no changes to site. Classic Bait & Switch sales.


Just don't understand why they make you jumps thru the question or new or existing customer....then to give you the offer and not let you have it when you spend 10 min on hold waiting for someone.
It doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer or even an intelligent HTML web person to put in one more sentence that states all Mediacom current internet subscribers are NOT eligible for these prices.

Very misleading and no manager ever called me back either after getting put on hold and then shoved into a voice mail in which I left my message with name and number.

This doesn't seem like a company that cares.