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um yeah

reply to AudiS4

Re: lawsuit update?

Did the voltage lawyers give the draft yet for the second round of Emails that are supposed to go out that tell your customers to cease activities on torrents?

If so, anyone have a copy they can post?


TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
Late yesterday Judge released reasons for second adjournment:

Marc - CEO/TekSavvy

The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
The judge seems very reasonable and thorough in that document. It does sound as though he has no intention of letting Voltage steamroll him and has quickly grasped a couple of the core problems with Voltage's case...namely the link between IP address and individual, and the extortionist intent of the plaintiff (1000+ defendants).

North York, ON
reply to TSI Marc
Same answers he gave in the courtroom.

I'm really hoping his other major case wraps up, and he decides to hold onto this one. He seems very aware of the issues.
Battle.net Tech Support MVP


Yep, it looks like a judge is very well aware about fact that IP =/= person and about voltage's extortion scheme (confirmed in other BS "copyright" cases) based on BS evidence and presented under "commercial??? copyright infringement" chutzpa label without any intention to stop "real piracy" if such thing actually exists (it's a revenue stream for these talentless arseholes after all).

Since many of these cases were already tried and thrown out of court worldwide Canadian court has an absolute merit to do the same (effectively killing other future extortionists) after dragging voltage's bare ass through a shredder of "evidence" cross-examination. Trolls have to get a crushing kick in the nutz in Canada and go to their hollywood BS hole where they came from and maybe try to make better movies that have a value to them so there is no need to be an extortionist in a first place.


reply to TSI Marc
I'd like to say I've been humbled by TSI's actions. And to a similar extent CIPPIC and the Judge in this case. So many things could have gone wrong. And it seems that everyone (except for Voltage) is being careful, diligent and smart about this case.

For one, I've been a bit brash in my analysis of the situation, which often happens as an armchair ... well anything really ... but the reality as it is today and the actions that shaped it (in no small part by TSI) in the state the suit is in, is actually pretty close to ideal, IMHO. But I'm not one to never make or never admit they are mistaken, either.

I wish there was a "mea Culpa/Kudos" term that could be said that propoerly express my reborn, respect for TSI and their vision of a good business vs customers relationship.

You guys are, amazing.

Mea Kudos to you.