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Re: Over played their hand

I got rid of their voip and internet after they could not get their act together.. for 6 years I had many missed calls because the phone was not working right. Then TWC didn't bother to give me credit for most of the outages.. I called them up [on a cell phone] to complain. Then to top it off the week I had U-Verse VoIP and internet installed I was missing calls - again- It would show up on the caller ID on tv- Yet the phone was not ringing.. Never again!

Oh, the other reason I switched was because their rates were too high- $163 and change for standard internet, unlimited nationwide, and digital service, with 1 convertor and dvr service.. At that price, I decided to look around locally at pricing by going with someone else.
I'm sure At&t could get me a bundle for satellite, IP-DSL, and voip for less then TWC. [The only thing I do miss is that TWC roadrunner standard is faster then the 6 Meg IP-DSL service I qualify for.]