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Warner Robins, GA
reply to CoxTech1

Re: Packetloss on Cox's network -

When the problem started, I upgraded to Premier in the vain hopes that it was a neighborhood bandwidth issue. I haven't stepped back down.

During these tests, the only programs I had running were Firefox (generic speed tests show 15-30Mbps download, Ventrilo, and LoL.

The vent was probably an interesting issue. my ping to tungsten.typefrag.com (located in Atlanta) was ~175 ms, to go maybe 100 miles north. My ping to the LoL servers (according to in game) was ~200-250, and they're west coast.

And again, it's time-related. I played one or two games when I got home with no problems. But once the sun goes down, my connection goes all Mr. Hyde on me.

Chesapeake, VA
It may be necessary for a technician to come out and so some further troubleshooting at this point.


Warner Robins, GA
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Firstly, thanks for the help CoxTech1. I cleaned up some other stuff and that seemed to help the issue temporarily. However, I still lag like crazy in about 80% of games. The first two images were from really bad games, the third is from one that I only lagged the second half. In the third, is there anything I can do about the 150+ ping on the 6th and 7th hop. I know the answer, but I have to at least ask.

Should I still call for a tech?