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Re: Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Benchmarked Compared Clock-for-Clock

Wow, if a 3% improvement is their "tock" then I'll wait for their next "tick".

I suppose that there isn't really much incentive for them to take a huge leap forward in processing speed. There are so few apps (and users) that can take advantage of the current speeds that an uber-CPU just isn't as important as it once was. Heck, just take a look at some of the antiques still in use in this thread: »Oldest running MAIN PC?

(Typed on my C2D 2.2 GHz antique)


Pleasant Hill, MO
I think intel may be giving amd a chance to catch up, so they dont become a monopoly which could cause the government to break them up. Kinda like how the p4 and PD werent as good as amd so they got a bit more cash, then the c2d/c2q came out and BOOM.

Is what I would say were I a conspiracy theorist.

In reality they are trying to catch up to amd's apus. The integrated haswell gpu went toe to toe with a 650m supposedly(»Haswell iGPU will equal GT 650M performance). Truth be told I would be surprised if amd's next gen apu wasnt better than that since they are already so far a head of intel.

Putting their emphasis on the gpu makes the cpu lack behind.