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London, KY
reply to Xander

Re: Modem line stats

Alright i have had it with my set up.

Since the initial post i have noticed some noise hits.So i have done what most of us would have done,inspected the cabling and splitter.Well i found that the builder had used cheap connectors,it looked as if he took a pair of channel locks to crimp the connector ends onto the RG6 cable.So i went and borrowed a set a of crimps, cable splicer from a Friend and bought compression ends.I installed them at the wall plate,splitter and of coarse the main incoming line.It seems that it only made a small difference nothing really noticeable.
The cable box shuts down and reboots often and glitches can be seen also.So i check the cable boxes status after the shut down, i can see the SNR jump around 34,32,31 i have even seen 30.1.
I am supposed to have a body out here to take a peep at whats going on.I have only been with TWC roughly 2 weeks and i haven't seen there service work right since the install.

PHASE 2: After the install of the new compression crimp connectors,i was determined to find out where this noise was coming from.So i made sure the NID was grounded and it was.
The next step i took was shut breakers off one by one Stove,Dryer Water heater ETC. it made absolutely no difference.
So now at this time,i remove my router and repeat the above steps,again fail.

I am pretty much covered the bases.The only thing that i can really think of that is left to try is get a better grade of RG6/RG11 cable.Or run a dedicated line to the Modem and one to the T.V.
Jeeze this has been a irritating experience.