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Dr Facts

reply to resa1983

Re: Voltage Versus Teksavvy, Round 2 Continued

said by resa1983:

The longer they delay the C&D letter, it just proves more & more that this isn't actually about their copyright, but that litigating p2pers is their only cash stream.

Yeah, we all know it's BS but you'd think Voltage would be keen to maintain the fiction that their business is being harmed by torrenting rather than their ability to make movies people would want to see.

I'm starting to wonder if they read the tealeaves and realized that the judge is going to make them work harder for the names and numbers? In this latest from the judge he also seems to have serious doubts about IP address's meaning people rather than devices. In other cases that's been a death blow to the trolls.

Is there any time limit on Voltage to make their next move or can they keep this going indefinitely?

North York, ON
The only problem is that Voltage knows that this judge might not take up the case - he said quite clearly he didn't think he'd have the time for it, with him having another major case.

If the other case resolves itself, he'd probably pick it up, and do a great job actually listening to the issues, and understanding the intricacies.

If the other case doesn't, he'd be passing it on to a round robin type deal - any judge can pick it up.

I'm thinking this is what Voltage might be waiting on. Finding out whether Judge Mandamin will pick it up, which would mean Voltage loses their 'easy' win. If they choose to fight still, it'd be harder. No ISP has ever fought this far before - 2 ISPs in the US are just doing this now, but it looks like we're a little ahead of them.

Off hand, I love how Mr. McHaffie (Teksavvy's lawyer) told reporters how to remember how to spell the Judge's name: Mandarin, but change the r to an m.
Battle.net Tech Support MVP

Dr Facts

said by resa1983:

The only problem is that Voltage knows that this judge might not take up the case

Will another judge come to another conclusion? And if they do get a new judge wouldn't that one take his recommendations about there needing to be two sides under consideration? That seems a pretty valid point when coupled with it being new legislation.

But Voltage not rushing out the C&D is just weird.