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reply to resa1983

Re: lawsuit update?

Yep, it looks like a judge is very well aware about fact that IP =/= person and about voltage's extortion scheme (confirmed in other BS "copyright" cases) based on BS evidence and presented under "commercial??? copyright infringement" chutzpa label without any intention to stop "real piracy" if such thing actually exists (it's a revenue stream for these talentless arseholes after all).

Since many of these cases were already tried and thrown out of court worldwide Canadian court has an absolute merit to do the same (effectively killing other future extortionists) after dragging voltage's bare ass through a shredder of "evidence" cross-examination. Trolls have to get a crushing kick in the nutz in Canada and go to their hollywood BS hole where they came from and maybe try to make better movies that have a value to them so there is no need to be an extortionist in a first place.