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Re: [Scam] Tenant Verified Scam

Hi Confused

My posts may help If you haven't read them. In a nutshell, go to Image.Google.Com and click on the little camera on the search line. Shrink down both Craigslist and Google windows so they fit side by side. Then just click and drag the photo from the rental to the box that will open on Google. It will search for the pictures. They are usually from Real Estate web sites. They even use the same descriptions.

Also, if there is a map in the right hand corner of the Craigslist posting, magnify it till you can see the roads. One rental was listed in one town and the map was in another town in a place where there are no roads or homes, one was in the middle of a shopping center and one in an industrial section of town. I know my towns well but you can enter the roads in map search and look at close up aerial view of the section they posted. My best wishes in your search. Oh yeah and the first tip it's a scam is that the rent is really low and you know what they say about "if it's to good to be true..."