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Oklahoma City, OK
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Re: [OK] Pleased with HSI and TV Economy so far

Okay I figured out why my other channels weren't coming in on the spare T.V. It's a slightly older (late '05) HD CRT with two separate tuners, one for analog and one for digital. I had connected just the digital tuner. The room is only used when using the treadmill right now so I'm not too concerned as long as something is on the TV.

Apart from that, almost 2 weeks in I'm still pretty happy with the service. The only thing that I'm not too happy about is they didn't tell me they were about to increase rates. So the Internet service is going up $1/month after the first bill. Not a huge deal but I'm sure sales knew about it 3 weeks ago when I went to the store to order.

The only problems I've actually noticed is my modem, SB6141, has reported several T3 Timeouts, along with some other errors I've read is common reporting with the firmware installed. I've put in a ticket to see if there is a newer firmware available. I've read there is but I haven't read if it's actually being pushed out. It hasn't caused me any noticable problems while I'm using it.

I'm still not a fan of the provided DVR. Clumsy is a good word to describe it. I think I'll try to set aside the money being saved, since it's included free for a year, to pick up a 4-tuner TiVo when the promotion ends. Then I'll see how well the TiVo Mini is working in practice to see if that's a better solution for me in the long run since every room also has Ethernet. The other idea is to wait to see if the Ceton STB's improve and build an HTPC to serve the same purpose.

Does anybody have any recommendations on a flaring tool that works well with RG6-Q? I can put compression fittings on normal double shield just fine but when I tried on a spare piece of quad, I had a lot of trouble getting the white insulation part flush. I checked behind a faceplate to see how the builder's subs connected the keystone, and without much surprise, they are crimped. So I'd like to replace those someday but without a lot of working room and about 6 to replace and 2 I'll end up doing to an unfinished room, I think spending a few dollars on a tool will be well worth it.