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reply to Geno71

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

said by Geno71:

Tell me where it's reasonable for me to start complaining, in the sense that you think it would be too much money for 20+Mbps and no increase in speed over 4 + X years.
Drew:...That the issue is, at some point, after a number of yearly increases, it's not unreasonable to expect small boosts in speed so that you "get what you pay for" over time. Would +2Mbps/year be unreasonable to expect. What about +2Mbps every other year? Just way too big a burden on Comcast?

You've gotten the speed increases. 4+ years ago (2008/2009) you didn't have 20/4 on Performance tier, it was more like 15/2.

Every 2 years or so Comcast does increase the speeds of the tiers. It's been increased at least 16 mpbs in 7 years for the Performance tier, so it's the +2Mbps/year you would seem to think is reasonable.

You've gotten the speed increases you've wanted, you just haven't noticed. If you want the cost to drop, I'd suggest looking at a lower tiers of service. All the providers follow this pricing scheme: Slight bumps in service= slight bumps in cost. They add up over years and to drop price you have to drop some of the services that have been added in. Lower tiers today are usually better than the lower tiers of years ago.

I don't work for Comcast. I don't even have Comcast service. I pay attention to Comcast and the Comcast forum because they lead the pack in service upgrades for cable companies. They tend to do it first and everybody else follows.
Two is one, one is none. If it's important, back it up... Somethimes 99.999% availability isn't even good enough.