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Re: Clear QAM

Interesting, yours is working with the component out and mine is not. I wonder if it is the difference in cards or something else. I have FTTN, do you also?


Loveland, OH
I have FTTH/FTTP, with IPTV boxes (the ZTE ZXV10 B700V3A). I think you said you were using component out to S-video, I wonder if there is something going on in that conversion that is messing up the signal. Also, I don't know if it is the case with these boxes, but with Time-Warner, I found that I couldn't have both HDMI and component output at the same time. My initial setup with Time-Warner was to have HDMI out to the TV, and component out to the HD-PVR, but if I was watching TV, I couldn't record the same on the PVR. So I ended up having just component out to the PVR, and then taking the component passthrough from the PVR, and hooking that up to the TV component input. When we got Fioptics, I didn't bother to try anything different. Maybe the recent update to the ZTE boxes did something similar (I haven't tried it)?