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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Santa Cruz, CA
reply to michieru

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It's a business, they will embrace net neutrality when its in thier best interest, and shun it if it isnt.
They have to grease the pipes to enter new markets. Thats how business is done in these emerging nations. The chinese and russians are probly bidding to do the same.
Knowledge is power, hearts and minds, and Google is the one to give it to them.
Let them eat FIBER!

Miami, FL
·Comcast Business..
It's within Google's best interest for net neutrality even if they became a TV provider and ISP as ITALIAN926 See Profile states.

If a particular country did not have internet/Google I can also understand by greasing up the pipes for a new start-up business that is providing internet.

However this is the French who had Google before, and now want Google to pay for hyperlinks. I am sure Google and anyone else would say go screw yourself. So what I am wondering is what did the French tell Google for it's to accept the fee and go against it's principals. Google to pay for the content it indexes will also be Google's death. Which makes their business model not make any sense.