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$25 restocking Fee for my properly working fine modem

I have almost the same experience just now. I called teksavvy arround jan 25,2013 because my internet is not working. then they do trouble shooting over the phone tried to fix it.but it didnt work also.so they sent out rogers technician.The tecnician came on 30 jan 2013 and he tested his own modem then his modem worked like a charm.and also he said the problem is with teksavvy. then i called teksaavy again right after that.the lady told me that they will send replacement modem for me and asked me to send back my defective modem cause they told me the problem was my modem. then she said " once we receive your modem we will test it then if its working properly we have to charge you $25 for restocking fee"
they will charge $25 restocking fee me for a modem that they suspect defective but if turn out working properly, they will charge me restocking fee. which is not even my fault!! and what if the modem working properly but they will say the modem is defective then charge me still cause i dont know the truth.

what i dont understand is what they do that. plus my modem is still under warranty.not even a month yet.


London, ON
Try posting in theTekSavvy Direct Forums and see if maybe TSI Andre, Martin or JonF can be of better assistance before you are forced to send the modem back.
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