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Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
reply to The Geezer

Re: IOS6.1 adoption related to pending JB?

said by The Geezer:

And the meaning for 'JB' is ??????

As I have stated on here before, I hate acronyms! To me it is a sign of extreme arrogance (and laziness) to reduce something to an acronym, assuming that everyone knows what you are talking about, and if they don't, they are too stupid to care about. God forbid that you would actually have to type out a couple of whole words!

Well, I for one don't know what jb stands for, but from context I am interested in the thread discussion about something that everyone seems to be waiting for.

Oddly enough, it's one of the acronyms used to filter topics in this forum:

See: All, Unreplied, Beginner, OS X, Network, SU, rant, humor, Snow, Leo, iPhone, iPad, Security, JB, ML

Quick, notify the mods! Oh, and I guess we need to get rid of SU and ML as well.

The world is full of acronyms and your dislike of them isn't going to change that one bit. Sorry about that!
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