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Greenwich, CT
reply to patcat88

Re: Can't locate main water shut-off valve

said by patcat88:

said by cdru:

Every water meter I've ever seen in my area is indoors. It's never been outdoors. Then again, we have a 36" frost line so it would make things a little hard to look at on a monthly basis in the pre-RF days.

There is one sidewalk meter on my block in NYC, but overall its very rare. In the pre-RF days, the meters had a cable going to an electrical connector on the outside of the building. For the sidewalk meters there was a plastic black contactless knob on the manhole cover. I assume the meter reader put a gadget over it to read it.

Here they put it above the basement door, but I see where the meter is in the basement, in the south in NC I think they just lift the cover as I've never seen any non-contact reader on the box and it's in front of the house on the other side of the driveway.
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