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North Tonawanda, NY
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reply to serge87

Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

Thanks for pointing out the issues to Choopa Serge. I haven't played on any servers hosted by them in a while but I definitely recall getting 25ms or less to their servers before:

That is pretty awful for a server in New York o.O . Meanwhile at work, getting 8ms to that from Buffalo.

I really wonder what the deal is here. There's a lot of locations I'm seeing high latency to compared to normal and the 'net definitely feels sluggish around those times, but the problem isn't local. It's always something in New York that shows an issue (why I wish all of our traffic wasn't piped to there). While the hop there is apparently to France or owned by a French company, it isn't going to France as latency would be double of what it's doing now.