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Jetpack Dormant Question ....

Hi all.

I'm baaaaack. LOL So, it's been one month on the VZ plan with Millenicom. Things have gone pretty well, overall. We have it connected to a directional antenna but not the amp. Guess I'll sell that. Had been concerned about having to limit usage if I wanted to stream movies but, so far, that's going fairly well.

QUESTION: is there a setting to stop the Jetpack from going dormant when I'm using my iPad? It is constantly dropping me unless I am actively using the web. I do try to actually READ some of the content before moving to the next one. Heh heh. Does not do this when on desktop computer.

Thanks again! (you know you missed me ... Bwahahahahaha )


Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
Have you tried a program that runs in the background and performs constant pings so your device does not go dormant . I have heard of them but have never had to use one . I understand they do not take a lot of data to run.


Cobbs Creek, VA
reply to mendinfences8
in the Web interface ... Advanced>Settings>System>Automatic shutdown never
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reply to mendinfences8
Update -- I THINK that this may have been "one of those things" due to my location away from the Jetpack and severe high winds ... just couldn't sustain the connection. Odd but ... we seem to be back on track now. I dunnnooooo.

Jim, that is partly why I was confused since I had this set to Never. But ... things seem to mysteriously jump off from time to time. Cyber gremlins.

Gord, have been looking into this option. Thanks.


Vanleer, TN
reply to mendinfences8
open cmd line window and
ping -t -l .01

make it a batch file on the desktop , open notepad, paste the above in and save , rename .txt to .bat( just don't name it ping ) it'll loop

to make it run on startup just do it with a scheduled task